Personalize your email campaigns

Offer content tailored to each subscriber and increase your click-rate

Send a ultra-personalized message to your subscribers

Enrich the content of your emails, leveraging the contextual data (date, time, location, weather, etc.) to deliver a message relevant in content and time.

Deliver the most desirable content to your clients, limit the spam effect and ensure the loyalty of subscribers.


Marketing campaigns


+ 41% increase in click-rate for personalized promotions

Loyalty e-mailing


+150% clicks in the emailings when the content is in lines with the subscribers’ interest

Classified Ads websites


100% personalization of your automated emailings: welcome, follow-up and confirmation message…

How does it work ?

We accompany you in 3 steps

  1. Choose your campaign model.
  2. Integrate the provided HTML code regardless of the email platform.
  3. Simply send your emails and Mediego transparently manages the personnalization for each subscriber.

Choose a powerful solution

email marketing solution performante délivrabilité


A personalized message minimises the rate of unsubscription and ensures the deliverability of your email campaign.

ciblage contextuel email marketing

Contextual targeting

Bring the odds in your favor with temporal and geolocalised contextualisation of your emailing campaign.
email marketing A/B testing

A/B testing

Configure and then compare the performance of your personalized emails with an intuitive and customizable dashboard respectiong your constraints.

We’re happy to give you a demonstration!

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