Hyper-categorize your audience

Precise and dynamic online targeting

Extend and automate your categorization criteria

Carry out and optimize your current and future marketing actions in just a few clicks.

Optimize the performance and the ROI of all your marketing campaigns by working on the foundation: dynamic categorization and automated targeting.


Pour un site e-commerce

Create categories of audience with high value by targeting them in their purchasing phase.

Loyalty campaigns

Guide your personalization content by identifying the interests and preferences of your internet-users.

Personalized emailing and connected outlets

56% of 18-24 year-olds show interest in personalized offers used in shops.

How does it work ?

We accompany you in 3 steps

  1. Underline your targeting criteria: group of products, news…
  2. Create your categories using your audience profiles.
  3. Dowload the file containing the email addresses, generated in real time.

Choose the ultimate performance

délivrabilité hyper-segmentation


The hyper-categorization of targeting guarantees the deliverability of your omni-channel campaigns thanks to the relevance of content for the target user.

marketing prédictif hyper-segmentation

Predictive marketing

The power of Mediego’s algorithm is in forseeing the interest and the buying potential of each user, utimately using it for targeting.

automatisation hyper-segmentation


Your personalized recommendations will target your users in real time, as soon as they’re detected by a predefined category. This is the guarantee of a highly efficient targeting !

We are happy to give you a demonstration!

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