The new Mediego Dashboard: performance monitoring for web and email

by ‘Sep 4, 2017’Personalization

At Mediego, summer was quite productive. Some of us were working hard, even through the heat waves of Brittany (just kidding), and we haven’t forgot about you, our users. This is it, our new monitoring dashboard is finally ready to make your lives easier as soon as you get back from your vacations. The dashboard boasts a clean, modern design, and is organised in a way that clearly presents the important information you need to know about. Between us, you have enough dashboards in your life that give you a thousand statistics that are hard to understand, when the main reason for using statistics is to quickly draw conclusions from insightful data, and optimise your commercial and marketing efforts.




What you’ll find in your dashboard:

You will of course find all the important metrics about the Mediego solutions you’ve integrated in your website or mail campaigns. If you have an e-commerce website, you’ll be able to easily know the turnover resulting from the use of our algorithms (through recommendations and personalisation), as well as the percentage it represents compared to your global turnover (except for­ Marketplace sales). Don’t worry, if our algorithms are responsible for the majority of your sales, your subscription premium won’t get any more expensive. The goal here is to clearly show the value of our web personalisation solution. You will quickly realise that our core expertise is in analysing complex data and delivering a tool that’s constantly getting better without you breaking a sweat.­­­

You can also find data about the Mediego recommendation modules present on your website: number of delivered recommendations, number of clicks and click ratio, number of pages (products, articles, …) that are eligible for recommendation by our algorithms… And more interestingly, you will have a Heat Map that clearly shows you the most clicked placements in a recommendation carrousel that contains 9 items for example.




Another interesting information, the profile distribution of your website visitors. Quick explanation: profile distribution data show the number of visitors that have a history of 1 page visit (new users), 2 page visits, between 3 and 5, etc… This data gives you an idea of how well we know your users and are able to customise their experience.

You will also find a beautiful display of the most recommended and clicked pages.

Finally, your account administrator will now be able to independently create and manage accounts for other people in your company.

This tool replaces the old one that took much too long to load, wasn’t as ergonomic and admittedly had some bugs. We chose to build a simple and clean interface to give you the most essentiel information, but our developers are still hard at work and will keep shipping new versions of the dashboard, rich with useful data and functionalities. We will keep you posted with all the latest updates!

In the meantime, enjoy using the new dashboard and if you have any ideas or suggestions or even problems, please don’t hesitate to tell us about them and we will do our best to answer your questions. Your feedback will allow us to keep building a great product that follows the best, modern standards for user experience.

After all, a startup grow with its clients!

P.S: Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation email from Mediego, with a link to activate your account and access your dashboard.

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