“Harnessing creativity, science and passion

to democratize predictive marketing.”

Mediego : a host of advanced technologies aiming at predictive targeting

Mediego is an innovative solution for personalization based on a behavioral algorithm that analyzes complex data collected online or via outlets in real-time.

With Mediego, you can send highly customized content to your customers, identify their preferences, interests and their potential to purchase, all in real time. Easy to install and operational from the first visit, Mediego is The turnkey solution to customize your content in real time.

The 2 founding pillars of Mediego’s solution:

Founded in April 2015, Mediego comes from six years of academic research and technical development at the Inria laboratories.

Power and Specialization

The power of its specialized algorithm, based on the analysis of similarity in the behavior of internet-users..

Data Volume

Mediego scales to manage exponential amounts of data and to display the personalized content in real time.


With Mediego, choose an effective solution

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